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6th edition | 2017

The Image Festival Amman
6th Edition

The Image Festival Amman, dedicated to Art Photography was established in 2011 - a single major event dedicated to photography in the region – aims to gather more professionals together, attract a wider audience, expand internationally and create opportunities for sustainable cultural exchange.
Altogether, more than 150 Jordanian and other international photographers presented their art works in the framework of the Festival. The latter attracts a wider audience every year, since its inception, and involves both professional and amateur photographers. It is as well the longest cultural event to happen in Amman and the region that associates a great number of partners and artists.
After the first edition in 2011, a theme, that guidelines the Festival, is proposed: [ Re ] Evolution in 2012, Macro & Me in 2013, Together in 2014, Future in 2016, and Identity will be the theme of the 6th edition in 2017.
In addition to the many exhibitions related to the theme, the Festival offers workshops/meetings with guest photographers, portfolio reading by professionals, residential creations, publications as well as a photographic competition: open to amateur and professional Jordanians living in Jordan or abroad and residents in Jordan.

Linda Al Khoury

The Image Festival Amman lunches the 6th edition attracting more partners and audience, being a major event in Jordan and the region. The value of this festival goes beyond being a cultural activity to an amazing opportunity to network and build relations with photographers and institutions from all over the world. It enhances our main goal which revolves around continued cultural exchanges.
The theme of the 6th edition is “Identity” through social and personal documentation. Photographers from all around the world will get the chance to reflect Identity from different aspects of life within the framework of the festival.
The launching event will take place at the historical sight of Amman Hejaz Railway Station, the same location that our city Amman started it’s recent history from back in 1900. The Hejaz Railway helped the city become of major value in the region.
Thanking all our supporters and partners, who help make this event a success every year.


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